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Monday, February 7, 2011

Motorola's Much-Hype Xoom Tablet Commercial Debuts During Superbowl

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Laptop Thoughts Talk" @ 11:46 AM

Thoughts? I liked it quite a bit, though it's clearly more about establishing the positioning of the product in the marketplace - "We're not the iPad! We're different!" - than it is about showing the product. Definitely my favourite commercial of the ones that Laptop Magazine profiles. Yours?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Comparing the PlayBook, Streak 7, iPad and Xoom

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 10:30 PM

"Now that we've seen whats coming for Android tablets, the battle is on-we even think they're better than the iPad in many ways. For a more detailed breakdown, here's a comparison between the iPad, Xoom, Streak, and Playbook tablets."

A very visual comparison of the pretenders to the throne, with the iPad being again in the bullseye. A very telling stat not shown here, but in the linked article, is that the Blackberry Tablet OS has about 4,000 available apps, Android 2.2 about 200,000, and the iOS about 300,000. To me, the ecosystem is still amongst the most important features, and one commenter makes a good point that we should be counting "quality" apps, and not just raw numbers of apps. User experience (implementation of features) is not measured here, a very subjective experience that can make or break a device. Finally, one commenter makes a good point that only two of the four of these products compared are "real." The PlayBook and the Xoom are still yet to be released, so the comparison is really between shipping products (iPad and Streak 7) versus what may (or may not) be in the final released products. But still an informative read.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everki Track Laptop Messenger Bag

Posted by Chris Baxter in "Laptop Thoughts Accessories" @ 09:00 AM

Product Category: Laptop Bag
Manufacturer: Everki
Where to Buy: Amazon (affiliate link)
Price: $59.99
Specifications: Length: 16.54 in., Width: 7.09 in., Height: 12.99 in., Weight 1.98 lbs.


  • Handy compartment designed for Apple iPad or any other similar sized tablet computer;
  • Lots of additional compartments to store other electronics, including power cords;
  • Small enough in size to take anywhere, yet can hold a lot more equipment than you would think.
  • Clasps on front flap are difficult to manage while on the move;
  • The bag only accommodates up to a 15.6" laptop.

Summary: The Everki Track Laptop Messenger Bag, is a bag with a twist. It comes with a compartment especially designed to carry an Apple iPad. Given the wildly popular reception the iPad has received since its debut, there have been a lot of products designed to carry and protect it, but this is the first time I have seen a solution designed into a laptop bag, and that makes it rather unique. While some people might argue that the whole reason they bought an iPad was to ditch their laptop, for other people, myself included, that just isn't realistic. As handy as my iPad is, there are just some things that are done more efficiently with a laptop. So how do I easily carry both? Everki attempts to answer that question with their Track Laptop Bag. Just how successful are they? Let's see!


Friday, December 31, 2010

What The Geeky Got for Gifts

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home News" @ 05:30 PM

"If you got an iPad as a gift during the holidays, you certainly weren't alone. In a recent poll of holiday gift recipients, iPads accounted for a full 22.7% of all gadget or hardware gifts, making iPads the single largest category in our gift poll, outstripping the nearest runner-up by nearly 14% of votes. That runner-up was Amazon's Kindle - not surprising considering that the Kindle is the best-selling product in Amazon's history."

It's a relatively small sampling size - less than 2400 votes, and only from people who read Mashable - but among the geek-set, there are a couple of stand-out points: the iPad was the #1 gift, more people got Macs (60%) than Windows machines (40%), Android phones let the way in the smartphone category with a hefty 50.3% figure (iPhones were 30%), but Windows Phone 7 devices at 10.3% just eeked out Blackberry devices (9.4%). Not bad for a brand new platform that most people still haven't heard about! Lastly, the Xbox/Kinect one-two punch clobbered the PS3 with a 54.3% figure versus only 11.9% for the PS3. The Kinect really is driving the Xbox 360 to new heights of popularity!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RIM Playbook vs. the iPad in Browser Performance Tests

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 10:17 AM

Keeping in mind of course that this is a video from RIM, it's still hard to dismiss the differences shown in the video - the Playbook appears to handily beat the iPad in terms of browser performance. But performance isn't everything; it needs to be balanced off against battery life. The iPad has a single core Cortex A8 processor at 1 Ghz; the RIM Playbook has two cores, possibly based on the Cortex A9 processor. So while it performance faster, it might also chew through battery life faster - until the final specs are known, and independent battery tests can be performed, it's too early to make a call. Still, things are looking good for the RIM Playbook!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Did HP Buy Palm?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Laptop Thoughts Articles & Resources" @ 04:00 PM

"HP knows that although they're the number one PC maker in the world, being number one in an industry that has stopped growing and will be flat at best for the foreseeable future is not the way to stay a $100 billion company. They've figured out that mobile is the future of computing, and that despite some early successes in that space (mainly after purchasing Compaq and its iPAQ line of handhelds) HP's efforts to date have been anemic. Let's put it another way: you see plenty of people using HP netbooks, but when's the last time you saw anyone one of their smartphones? Exactly. Right now HP isn't a significant player in mobile and that needs to change."

Peter Rojas from gdgt has a useful perspective on the consumer electronics industry having been at the helm of Engadget for several years, and I'm sure he's right on the money here - in fact, this dovetails nicely with the post I wrote up earlier today in a depressing sort of way; if Microsoft really had something in the pipeline that was nearing completion, HP wouldn't have bought Palm. Microsoft literally must have had no answer to the question of "What Microsoft OS can we use on HP hardware to combat the iPad?". HP entering the operating system space isn't something that they'd choose to do lightly, that's for sure...they must have felt like they had no choice.

Tags: microsoft, apple, hp, palm, ipad, ios

Is Microsoft a Dying Consumer Brand?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Articles & Resources" @ 03:30 PM

"Consumers have turned their backs on Microsoft. A company that once symbolized the future is now living in the past. Microsoft has been late to the game in crucial modern technologies like mobile, search, media, gaming and tablets. It has even fallen behind in Web browsing, a market it once ruled with an iron fist."

This is your typical link-bait article in some ways, and I'm complying by linking to it, but I felt it was worth discussing. Windows 7 is selling like gangbusters, and it's the best OS Microsoft has ever released, so it's hard to blindly say that somehow Microsoft is losing in the consumer space...but I think the author has a point that Microsoft has no answer to the next wave of consumer computing: instant-on appliance-like devices. I don't own an iPad, but I understand what that device represents and why it resonates so powerfully with an increasing number of people. Read more...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Commentary on the Competition from Infinite Loop

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Apple News" @ 11:00 PM

"The first 15 minutes of Apple's earnings call today were not all that surprising, although the numbers were impressive. Quarterly revenue at the end of the company's fiscal year (late September) was $20.34 billion, making this the company's biggest quarter ever. This exceeded analyst expectations and predictions, so big score for Apple. Then things got really interesting when Steve Jobs got on the call and started ripping his competitors a new one."

Let's see, biggest quarter ever, yet, there's still plenty of time to bash the competition, rather than graciously bask in the glow of spectacular financial results (Thank you consumers, you've voted with your wallets! ). I don't quite understand what benefit is derived from publicly pointing out the obvious - see! we sold more stuff than you sold. And, despite the fact that the competition in the tablet space doesn't have real products shipping in meaningful number yet (at least here in the US), we're told that they'll be inferior, and that the small size will be a disadvantage unless fingers can be made smaller. I read that, and thought, gee, I'd better get rid of my iPhone then, because I don't have sandpaper to make my fingers smaller. I love Apple products, because, as Steve J points out,"they just work," but I'm not real happy with the whole "cult of personality" that seems to be developing and causing bad feelings in the industry. All the sniping between CEOs is getting old! Just build the products and let the consumers decide.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

60 Days With The iPad; Now What?

Posted by Eric Juillerat in "Other Slates & Tablets" @ 07:00 AM

Product Category: Tablet
Manufacturer: Apple
Where to Buy: [Affiliate]
Price: $779 USD (tested)
System Requirements: iTunes 9.1 or later, MAC or PC with available USB port.
Specifications: 9.7-inch Multi-Touch display, 64GB, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1, 3G GSM/EDGE ATT only, 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg), 9.56 inches by 7.74 inches. Features vary by model.


  • Extreme geek appeal;
  • Convenient, fun and easy to use;
  • Mail, Synchronization;
  • Great battery life.


  • Expensive;
  • Heavy;
  • ATT fees;
  • Limited productivity.

Summary: If you liked Star Trek, you had no choice, you had to get an iPad; and so did I. As I exited the Apple store with my big flashy bag in hand, I made the whooshing sound of the Enterprises' automated doors, and headed home knowing my life had just changed. 60 days later, I am left wondering - Now what? It's not that it's not a useful device - it is. It's not that it's not fun - it certainly can be. But I find myself constantly trying to justify it in a sea of laptops, netbooks, and e-readers. If this sounds like blasphemy, perhaps it is. Or, perhaps I've been able to avoid being sucked into the reality distortion field broadcast from Cupertino, and into space? Let's investigate.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Prepared To Welcome Your Android Overlords

Posted by Hooch Tan in "Android News" @ 03:30 PM,+and+Updates)

"Apple seems pretty confident that they are going to keep the iPad at the top of the tablet market well into 2011. We know otherwise, but so does Gene Munster who is a Senior Research Analyst with Piper Jaffray."

Let us gaze into the Mystical Silica Ball and guess what the future holds in store. Hearing estimates and predictions from industry experts has always been entertaining. The interview did produce one nugget of information that I would apply to the whole tablet market, and that estimates can be hit or miss, not just for Asian production lines, but for estimates in the technology industry. Apple has certainly brought attention and revived the previously stagnant tablet market and in doing so, has turned everyone's focus on slates. Android certainly seems the next most suitable OS and will likely sellore units. I am not sure if that can be considered dominance though. Whether slates have fundamentally changed the PC market, well, those words were also said about netbooks and then smartphones. Technology is certainly moving fast, but I have doubts as to whether consumers are able to keep up with the pace that manufacturers want us to move. Do we really need to buy a new computing device every year or two?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Can The Kindle Survive In a Tablet World?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Laptop Thoughts Articles & Resources" @ 08:00 PM

"We can read books on our phones, laptops, and tablets. So why would we throw in a dedicated e-reader like the Kindle when packing our already cramped carry-on bags? As you might expect, CEO Jeff Bezos is happy to supply an answer: angry birds."

An interesting perspective, and one that I ultimately agree with. Although the Kindle and the iPad look similar on the surface, when one weighs 1.6 pounds and the other 8.7 ounces, one lasts hours on a charge while the other lasts weeks, and one is $139 and the other is $499, you start to realize they're very different sort of devices. I'm planning on getting a Kindle this holiday season - the cheap Wi-Fi one - and am hoping I'll like it quite a bit. I love reading, but devices have never reached the price point where I was willing to take the risk of purchasing digital, DRM-protected content. I think that point has finally come...and, yeah, I'm still thinking about buying an iPad. I think I'll wait for v2 there as well...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Netbook Sales Continue to Crash

Posted by Michael Knutson in "Laptop Thoughts News" @ 11:30 PM

"According to recently released numbers from DisplaySearch, the iPad is taking over, and netbook sales continue to crash. From the second quarter of 2009 to Q2 of 2010, sales of clamshell mini-notes with 10-inch displays were down 8 percent to 6.5 million units."

The graph is a bit confusing, but the bottom line is that the iPad appears to be drawing buyers away from netbooks. According to DisplaySearch, from Q2 of 2009 to Q2 of 2010, netbook (clamshell netbooks with 10-inch displays) sales dropped eight (8) percent to 6.5 million units sold. The article states that over the same time period Apple sold 3.3 million iPads. A slight problem in the statistics, since the iPad wasn't available until April 2010. But the underlying meaning is clear, buyers are looking for something portable. DisplaySearch predicts tablet growth "as much as 41 percent" from this year to next. Even though I own an iPad, I won't replace my "business netbook" with a tablet until I can get one that runs MS Excel and Word. I guess that means that I wait for a Windows 7 tablet ... Come on HP!

Tags: netbooks, slate, ipad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The iPad Will Rule The US Tablet Market

Posted by Hooch Tan in "Digital Home News" @ 03:00 PM

"But did Apple just destroy the US tablet market in the same way? Are manufacturers really going to invest millions upon millions of dollars in R&D and marketing when consumers are buying the iPad by the millions? Is the US tablet market dead?"

Tablets, even slate tablets, have been around for a very long time, so I do not think that the iPad has preemptively killed the US market in any fashion. I believe that the iPad will certainly dominate for quite some time, as the tablet market was about as stagnant as the phone market was when the iPhone was introduced, but competition for the iPad already exists in the form of netbooks, and I am fairly sure that other major manufacturers will also look into entering the market with their own slates. The iPad certainly has a lead in the market but just as they drew from the resources and lessons learned with the iPhone, other manufacturers already have numerous tools, largely from the phone market, which can be used to compete.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Windows Mobile Lost a 'Whole Generation' Says Ballmer

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Windows Phone Talk" @ 05:00 PM

"Steve Ballmer has delivered a mea culpa to Microsoft's partners for its slip-ups against Apple and Google on tablets and smart phones. Ballmer told Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows Mobile missed a "whole generation of users" and promised Windows Phone 7 will set things right."

Dear Microsoft,

I generally feel a lot of love for you as a company, but it's sure frustrating watching you miss the boat again and again. Remember when you laughed at the iPhone? Yeah, exactly, no one is laughing now. The hype around the iPad had been building for years - didn't someone in your organization (other than the Courier team) realize that this whole slate computing thing wasn't going to just be empty hype? Read more...

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